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Acid alkaline balance following mother nature’s example

An imbalanced diet (food that is rich in meat, fat and sugar and low in mineral nutrients), physical exertion, competitive sports, diabetes, weight-reducing diets, and stress can lead to an under -supply of alkaline minerals. Alkaline-vital substances are found abundantly in vegetables and fruit s that have a high content of alkaline salts, potassium and magnesium with little trace of sodium. Dr. Jacob’s Alkaline Formula is geared to emulate nature’s intent.

Dr. Jacob’s Alkaline Formula is a highly effective, refreshingly fruity mixture of mineral nutrients with 95% citrates (produced from plant material and mineral nutrients). A daily dose (9 g ) Dr. Jacob's Alkaline Formula provides about 80 % of the daily recommended dose of potassium (1490 mg ), magnesium (325 mg) of calcium ( 600 mg) and vitamin D ( 5 g ) and half of the zinc requirement (5 mg) and 95 mg of silicon. It is a citrate Alkaline Formula with the greatest potassium and lowest sodium content in Germany.

Potassium is important for normal blood pressure
Magnesium for muscle , nerve and energy performance,
Calcium for the maintenance of teeth and bones,
Vitamin D for immune system and bone,
Zinc for the acid-base balance.

Highly effective: 95% citrate
Every molecule of citrate, the alkaline salt of citric acid, can bond three times as much acid as bicarbonate. Citrates nurture the citric acid cycle, the most important metabolic pathway of the cell. That is where they boost energy metabolism, burning up three acid equivalents in the process. By comparison bicarbonate burns up 1 acid equivalent. As citrates are primarily effective in the cell, they are gentle on the gastrointestinal tract.

More potassium, less sodium!
Potassium is the most important alkaline mineral in every cell. It keeps kidneys and bones healthy and stabilizes blood pressure. Far too much sodium and not enough potassium are being consumed in Europe. Our body cells contain a lot of potassium and magnesium, but very little sodium. Dr. Jacob 's Alkaline Formula offers accordingly no sodium, but a lot of important minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

Dr. Jacob´s Alkaline Formula so special?